The benefits of choosing minimalist website design

What is minimalist website design?

Minimalist design creates websites which are clean and free from busy, cluttered user interfaces. The idea behind a minimalist approach is to improve the user experience, simplifying the way a website visitor accesses information and navigates their way around pages.

I believe that a website should attract, engage and then inform a visitor so that they can easily find out what your business does and who you do it for. For example, if you offer wedding hair and makeup services for clients in the southeast of England this information needs to be front and centre on your website.

That can tempt some people into cramming as many images, headings, copy blocks and call-to-action buttons as possible. But a minimalist design, a ‘less is more approach’, will be far more effective. And when your visitors are for example, busy brides-to-be, researching everything from venues and catering to makeup and dresses, that’s very important!

How a minimalist website design works:

I’ve broken this clear and simple style of design down into 5 areas so that I can explain how each one helps your website perform as an effect engagement and lead generation tool:

1. The use of lots of negative space

Negative space (also called whitespace) is literally areas of web pages with nothing on them, and a minimalist design should have plenty of negative space. That space without images, words, buttons or animation means the content you do include will really pop. As I’ve said before, to a busy bride surfing site after site, every second counts.

2. A monochrome or limited palette

The use of monochrome or simple colour palette with a single strong accent colour serves a similar purpose to the negative space. It means the words and headings you choose will really stand out and ensure that any images you include are able work their magic without distraction.

3. A clean and bold font

Minimalist website designs are often paired with a clean yet bold font which is usually sans serif. I like to use fonts which not only ensure that your messages are delivered with maximum impact, but which look attractive too. When aesthetics is key, as it is for wedding businesses, a sleek website needs a clean, bold font.

4. The use of visual hierarchy

One thing you will find when you work with a minimalist designer like me is that we strip out clutter. That encourages a visual hierarchy where, using whitespace, text, images and colour, the most important information comes first. This removal of unnecessary clutter has the added bonus of speeding up your website’s loading speed. Given that you have around 10 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor quickly and engage them, a website where all the elements load quickly is essential.

5. A seamless user experience

You want your website to offer visitors clarity and that means that as well as the content standing out, your user experience needs to be intuitive and simple. That means minimising the complexity of a site and the page structures so that they offer just enough options for a visitor to find the information they really need or get in touch when they’re ready.

If you are interested in learning more about how my minimalist website designs can help your business reach more clients and share your brand story effectively, just drop me a line.

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